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Pony Club Mission:

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.

Donate to Middle California Region Pony Club

If you would like to make a donation of cash or goods to Middle California Region Pony Club, please contact regional treasurer Deb Kirsch.  

MidCal Region is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Thank you for thinking of us! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Support Middle California Region Pony Club in other ways

Are you a farrier, saddle fitter, veterinarian, equine dentist, braider, jump maker, course designer....?  Are you interested in sharing your professional knowledge or expertise through an unmounted Horse Management lesson with Pony Club at regional or local level? Please contact one of our regional instruction coordinators.  (Lessons can be in-person or virtual!)

Would you like to invite Pony Club members to your facility for a Horse Management lesson or a riding experience? Contact our regional instruction coordinators.

Are you an adult who would like to support Pony Club by volunteering at a rally or certification or another event? Contact regional supervisor Kathie Schulz.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Pony Club?  Contact regional secretary Melissa Myers.

Are you looking for horse-savvy kids or volunteers to do community service/ volunteer in your nonprofit program? Contact regional supervisor Kathie Schulz.


Pony Club Core Values:

Horsemanship with respect to healthcare, nutrition, stable management, handling and riding a mount safely, correctly and with confidence.

Organized teamwork including cooperation, communication, responsibility, leadership, mentoring, teaching and fostering a supportive yet competitive environment.

Respect for the horse and self through horsemanship; for land through land conservation; and for others through service and teamwork.

Service by providing an opportunity for members, parents, and others to support the Pony Club program locally, regionally and nationally through volunteerism.

Education at an individual pace to achieve personal goals and expand knowledge through teaching others.