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Helmets and Safety

Helmet Fit and Safety

Hair and Helmets, part 1 - Helmet Fitting: Abriana Johnson of The Young Black Equestrians Podcast shares her experience and tips for shopping for helmets and getting a great fit.

Helmet Fitting - Advice from SmartPak on getting a great fit.

Putting Your Hair Under Your Helmet - Demonstration video from Mary's Tack & Feed on putting your hair up for a show.

Riding Helmets have Expiry Dates! - Yes, your helmet will need changing eventually, even if you haven't had a fall.

Riding Helmet Safety Standards - Useful summary of acronyms and standards from Charles Owen.

How are Helmets Tested for Safety? - Bill Vero explains how equestrian helmets are tested to ensure they meet safety standards.

History of Helmet Safety - Did you know USPC was in the vanguard of pushing for horse riding helmets and safety standards in the US? From the University of Connecticut, Animal Science Department.

USPC's commitment to safety - poster