Middle California

MidCal Region Essay Scholarship Fund

The Essay Scholarship Fund of the Middle California Region of the United States Pony Club, Inc. is used to help members from the Region prepare for, and offset costs related to, attending mounted Regional activities. A committee of three appointed by the Regional Supervisor will decide on the disbursement of funds to the applicant(s), namely the RS, a VRS, and a member at large. The amount to be disbursed annually by the Region for this purpose will not exceed $1,225. 

Applications are limited to those who plan to attend any mounted Regional activities (rallies, clinics, camps etc.) in the current calendar year.

Applicants must be in good standing in that calendar that year (i.e. up-to-date membership at USPC National, Regional, and Local levels).

Funds can be used to offset any part of the cost of attending the activity, including the entry fee and trailering expenses. 

If funds are not used due to rally cancellations within the calendar year of the award, the funds will NOT roll over into the following year.

Fall and Spring Applications 

Spring deadline for applications is February 1 for activities occurring February and June of the year 

Fall deadline for applications is June 1 for activities occurring between July and December 

If an applicant receives funds from the Region, they commit to sending a brief written report to the RS explaining how the funds were used, their experience and benefit to them of participating in the activity for which they received the scholarship. Please also share photos/video that can be used to promote the Region and the scholarship fund. 

In addition, recipients are encouraged, but not required, to volunteer in the Middle California Region for 1-3 hours (e.g. scribe at a certification, help set up/clean up for a clinic etc..) If you do volunteer, please let us know and include that in your brief report to the RS.  

Available Spring Scholarships: 4 available up to $175 

  • Show Jumping Rally and/or Clinic [postponed]
  • Dressage Rally and/or Clinic [postponed]
  • Tetrathlon Rally 
  • C1/C2 Certification 
  • C-Camp

Available Fall Scholarships: 3 available up to $175

  • D-Camp 
  • C1/C2 Certification 
  • Upper Level Certification 
  • Dressage Rally, if rescheduled
  • Show Jumping Rally, if rescheduled

How to Apply? 

1. Fill out the Google form application (name, certification level, participation age [i.e. at 1 January], email address, current Club/Center, DC/CA’s contact information, years you have been in Pony Club, list of Pony Club activities you have volunteered at, list of Pony Club activities you have participated in, the names of the scholarships you are applying for; and attach essay) 

2. Write a short essay of 1-2 paragraphs in length detailing what you are applying for, how the funds will be used, and why you should be awarded the scholarship. One essay per each scholarship you are applying for. 

3. Please use the same Google form application to submit your essays. Please do not use your names or names of your mount in your essay.

Do’s and Do Not’s 

  • DO answer the question fully 
  • DO allow your parents to proof read 
  • DO NOT have your parents write the essay for you 
  • DO use a separate essay document for each scholarship you are applying for DO write your essay in your own words 
  • DO NOT put your name or your mount’s name or pictures of you anywhere 

Questions? Please contact the Regional Supervisor.