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COVID - updated December 2021

What do I do if a someone (member, volunteer, parent etc) who was at a Pony Club program tests positive for COVID? 

All members, volunteers, parents etc who participate in a Pony Club event must be reminded that they should not be there if a) they feel ill or b) they have recently tested positive for COVID.

The event/activity/ meeting organizer should notify the USPC if any person who was present at the Pony Club event/activity/meeting tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the conclusion of the event/activity/meeting. 

A notification of the case should be sent to USPC national at executivedirector@ponyclub.org. The individual testing positive is not to be identified in the email! 

The individual testing positive for COVID-19 should be strongly encouraged: 

1) to contact local public health authorities (if the authorities are not already aware) for purposes of contact tracing 

2) to contact others at the applicable Pony Club event who may have had close contact with the individual as defined by the Centers for Disease Control 

3) The event/activity/meeting organizer may consider notifying others who attended the event that, “Another attendee has tested positive for COVID -19, but due to privacy laws we cannot identify the individual and you should take whatever steps you deem appropriate.

If you are unsure what local rules are regarding COVID safe behavior, please follow current CDC rules.

Vaccinations: Vaccination is now widely available in California for ages 5 and up. However, many adults and teenagers remain unvaccinated. Please maintain standard safety precautions for now, especially for indoor meetings: wash hands frequently (or have hand sanitizer available), wear masks, and keep your distance.

To find out how to make an appointment to get a COVID vaccination or booster shot, visit the CDC's vaccine website.

Organizers: Be aware of the current COVID rules and restrictions in your location - they may have changed since you started organizing your event!

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