Middle California

2024 Eventing Rally

Standard Qualifying Eventing Rally 2024

Entries Due April 5th

Eventing Rally Packet

Ram Tap SHT Entry

   Hosted by Bodega Equestrian and Mid Cal Region

Saturday and Sunday - May 11 & 12, 2024

Rally in conjunction with Ram Tap Schooling Horse Trials, also May 11 & 12


Approximate Time Frame: Arrival at Ram Tap Horse Park Friday anytime after 12 noon.

Awards Sunday thirty minutes after rally scores have been posted

Rally Entries MUST BE SUBMITTED ON LINE by April 5th. Payment is also due by April 5 th and can be
made by check or Paypal (see checklist below for details). Please indicate your team preference on your Pony
Club on-line entry.

Note: The Rally has a different closing date than the Ram Tap Schooling Horse Trials (April 23 rd ). The Ram
Tap entry information is attached and should be made separately. Payment for the Ram Tap Schooling Horse
Trials should be made directly to Ram Tap per the instructions on the Ram Tap entry form. Please note: there
is the option of entering the Classic 3-Day at the Beginner Novice level which includes a Road and Track and
Steeple Chase as part of the Cross-Country Phase. For more information contact either Theresa Smrt at
(831)252-8761 or ramtaphorsepark@gmail.com or Melissa Myers at 559-623-6099 or

Location: Ram Tap Horse Park- 7430 N. Weber Ave, Fresno, CA 93722.
Directions from Highway 99: Take the Herndon Exit (10 miles north of downtown Fresno). Proceed east
across Union Pacific RR (at traffic light) and immediately (50 feet) turn north (left) on Weber Avenue.
Continue through village (25 mph speed limit!) ½ mile to Ram Tap Horse Park.

Rally Organizers: Melissa Myers (559-623-6099, sierrapacificrallies@gmail.com), Natalie Zahradnik (646-
221-7002, sierrapacificsecretary@gmail.com )
General Information: This Eventing Rally will be run concurrently with the Ram Tap Schooling Trials held
May 11 th & 12th. As such, the riding schedule will be determined by the Event Organizers, rather than the Rally

The Rally will begin Friday (May 10th) with Rally Briefings, and the First Horse Inspection (Jog-Outs) as well
as stall and tack room set up. Late arrivals can do First Horse Inspections on Saturday morning if necessary.
Dressage begins Saturday at 8:00 A.M and Cross Country at 1:00 P.M. Stadium Jumping begins on Sunday
at 9:00 A.M. The schedule of ride times will be posted the Monday before the event at startboxscoring.com.
Scores will also be posted at startboxscoring.com.

Tack and Feed rooms will be set up in stalls at no additional cost and in order to eliminate the need for trailers.
Vet Boxes are required for the Eventing Rally, so members must bring a 5-gallon bucket for the vet box in
addition to the usual required equipment. It is also advised that each team bring a tarp or laundry basket to the
Vet Box, so you have a clean place to put your helmet, vest, and tack while you are working with your horse (to
keep everything out of the dirt!) The Vet Box will be located almost immediately at the end of the XC, and
more information regarding how a vet box is run will be sent out in a separate email. Please note that USPC has
additional requirements for entering and exiting the Vet Box than USEA/FEI. Our CHMJ will cover this in the
Friday briefing. Please also note that the USPC requires members to wear a properly fitted equestrian body
protector when jumping cross-country or solid obstacles during any activity sponsored by the USPC, its
regions, registered clubs, or riding center programs. USPC recommends wearing a body protector that is
ASTM-certified (Manufactured in the US) or certified to the BETA Level manufactured in Great Britain)

Tentative Event Schedule: Tentative Time Schedule: Dressage begins Saturday 8:00 A.M., Cross Country
begins Saturday at 1:00 P.M. and Stadium Jumping begins Sunday at 9:00 A.M. Classes with 3 entries or
less may be combined or cancelled. Final schedule and ride times will be available on
startboxscoring.com Monday, May 6 th .

Fees: *Ram Tap Schooling Horse Trials entry, entry fees, and stabling fees must be paid directly to Ram Tap.
The Ram Tap Schooling Horse Trials fee is $275, or $350 for Beginner Novice Classic 3-Day, (see entry form)
and includes haul in, stall fee and competitor dinner Saturday night for the competitor only. Shavings and
additional tickets for the Saturday night dinner can be purchased through Ram Tap. See Ram Tap entry form
for payment options.

Rally entries fees are separate from the Ram Tap Schooling Trials entry fees. This year Pony Club Rally fees are
$125 per rider and $15 per Stable Manager. RALLY FEEs can be paid
by check mailed to:
Becky Williams
1011 Emerald Lane
Fortuna CA 95540

Or by PayPal:  SPR PayPal

Eligibility: Eventing Rally is open to all Pony Club members in good standing who are both new and
experienced in the sport of eventing. For those who wish to qualify for USPC Championships in KY, two
completed events at the level are required for Championships (Eventing Rally counts as one) at BN and N, for
Training and Preliminary, 3 recognized events are required. See pages 9 and 10 or the USPC Eventing Rule
Book for further USPC Championship eligibility requirements. Non-Pony Club members are welcome to
participate for an additional fee. The additional fee, to cover insurance, will vary depending on the number of
Non-Pony Club members who join the Rally. Please contact organizers for more information.

Rules: This rally will be governed by the 2024 USPC Horse Management Handbook the 2024 USPC Rules for
Eventing and 2024 Newsletters, as well as the USEA and USEF Rules for Eventing.

Teams: Each team will consist of 3-4 riders, a stable manager, and a coach. No ponies may be shared for
Eventing Rally. Each participant will jog and do formal inspection with the one pony. Each team must have a
chaperone (older than 21, chaperones may also be volunteers). Depending on entries, teams may be made up of
participants competing at the same level (essentially scratch teams for each Eventing level (Starter, Intro,
Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, Preliminary) or from the same club. If a club does not have a complete
team, the rally secretary will attempt to combine them with members from another club.

Coaches: Eventing coaches are recommended, but not mandatory for pony club rallies. However, for this
rally, Coaches are required for the Stadium Jumping and Cross-Country phases of the event. They are
optional for the Dressage phase. There may be one or more coaches (but a coaches may not also serve as
chaperones). Coaches are encouraged to walk the Stadium Jumping and Cross-Country courses with their
teams. The presence of a coach at Eventing rally is to promote safety, good sportsmanship and good
horsemanship in the warm-up area and the competition ring. Coaches are expected to help any Pony
Club competitor who asks for assistance or whose coach is not present in the warm up area. Coach’s name
and contact information must be included on team entry form. Coaches can also coach competitors from outside
of the rally. Coaches are NOT ALLOWED in the barn.

Longeing: USPC rules for longeing apply: helmets, boots and gloves are mandatory. Persons allowed to lunge
are C3’s and above or the owner/trainer of that horse. For additional options, see Page 19 of the 2023 USPC
Horse Management Handbook. If a pony needs to be longed, please arrange for this to be done ahead of time;
your coach may be busy coaching in the warm up arena, or your team ride times may be quite early.
Horse Management Judging: Required equipment is as listed in current USPC Horse Management Handbook
for overnight eventing rallies. As mentioned before, you will also need extra supplies for the Vet Box. Turnout
inspections will be judged at the rider’s Horse Management certification level.

Attire: Dressage attire is required for Turnout Inspections, as the inspections will take place prior to the first
ride. The actual requirements can be found in the 2024 Eventing Rulebook. Please note that if you are
attempting to qualify for championships, you must be wearing competition attire. Protective vests are required
for the cross-country portion of the event.
Trailers, RVs and Camping: Parking is available for horse trailers. Camping and RVs are permitted but there
are limited hook ups.

Medical Armband/Competitor Numbers: All competitors must be wearing a USEA or USPC medical
armband or USPC approved bracelet at all times during the rally. Competitor numbers will be given by the
show for riders, and from the Region for Stable Managers.

Dressage Tests/Stadium/XC information:
The following table, which can also be found on the Ram Tap School Horse Trial Entry, specifies the dressage
test, jump heights and cross-country speeds for each class:
Class Dressage Test Cross Country Stadium Jumping
Grasshopper USDF Intro B 300mpm, max 18” Max. Hgt. 18”
Intro USEA Starter 300mpm, max 2’0” Max. Hgt. 2’0”
Beginner Novice USEF Beg. Novice Test B 325mpm, max 2’7’ Max. Hgt. 2’7”
Classic Beginner
Novice 3-Day

USEA Beg. Novice 3-day A:220mpm,

Max. Hgt. 2’7”

Novice USEF Novice Test B 350mpm, max

Max. Hgt. 2’11”
Training USEF Training Test B 420mpm, max 3’3” Max. Hgt. 3’3”

Stabling: Stabling is required for this event. Please be sure to mark “PONY CLUB” on your stabling form for
the Ram Tap Schooling Horse Trials. Rally participants will be stabled in a portable barn separate from the non-
rally competitors. One bag of shavings is provided by the Event, please be sure to either order more through the
Event or bring your own. Rally fees will be used to pay for team tack rooms. Please do not order your own tack
rooms; just request the one stall for your pony.

Food: Food may be available for purchase at a Food Truck on site both Saturday at Ram Tap. If not, there a
several food options in close proximity to the event at the Target shopping center. There will also be a
competitor’s dinner on Saturday night which is included for the participant in their entry fee. Additional tickets
can be purchased at the time of entry through Ram Tap.

Dogs are allowed at the rally, but must be held on leash during competition hours and at warm up areas.

Volunteers: Volunteers may be required throughout the event for a variety of roles including but limited to:
flagging and decorating jumps, acting as ring Stewarts, and jump judges for cross country. Please be prepared to
send at least one volunteer with each team. Saturday, we will need as many volunteers as possible, and we will
make sure you can watch your rider when needed.

Parent responsibilities while at the rally: It is the responsibility of the parents to get the child (and horse) to
the rally in a calm, rested, but prepared state at the scheduled arrival time. The parents can help unload heavy
items but then the parents can relax and go to their volunteer jobs, allowing their competitors the freedom to
compete without parental guidance. Parents may not interact with their child after the rally starts except in the
neutral zone, which will be clearly marked.
Pony Club Member responsibilities while at the rally: Be prepared to work for the good of the team and
exhibit good sportsmanship throughout the Rally. Have a good attitude. Respect the facility and the facility

staff. Leave the facility in better condition than you found it. Thank the Ram Tap organizer for their support and
work in supporting Pony Club by hosting the Rally. Have fun.

2024 USPC Eventing Rulebook
2024 USPC Eventing Newsletter
2024 USPC Horse Management Rulebook & Handbook
2024 USPC Horse Management Newsletter
Definition of Stable Manager
USPC Safety Handbook