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2023 EBTH Rally

Printable PDF:   2023 EBTH


2023 Everything but the Horse Rally (EBTH Rally) 

Hosted by Golden Hills Pony Club  

Saturday March 25th 2023 

(Rain Date April 1st) 

10am – TBD  

(Finish Time will be determined once we know # of participants) Register by March 11th 


The Acres (Sugarloaf Farm) 

1290 Masten Ave 

Gilroy, CA 95020 


Golden Hills Pony Club invites you to join us at the “Everything but the Horse Rally” (EBTH). The  purpose of an EBTH is to provide untested and ‘D’ pony club members with a positive, fun, and  educational introduction to a rally without the stress of handling a horse. Even though you will  not be bringing a horse to this rally, you will want to bring EVERYTHING else, including your  riding skills, horse management knowledge, and a great team attitude.  

EBTH is open to both youth and Horsemasters members. Horsemasters will be judged in a  separate division. Each team will set up their tack room and prepare for this one-day rally as if it  were a competition with horses present. This means complete preparation of all tack, riding  attire (including USPC pin and medical armband), and rally kits. Competitors will not need to  bring feed for horses, but teams do need to bring buckets and any items typically used to feed  and hydrate a horse. Stall cards and feed charts should be placed in the “pony paddock” for  inspection by the HM judges. The rally will be ran as a Combined Test, with each rider  completing a dressage test, and a jumping round (all with their stick horse).  


· Parents and Participants are encouraged to view and look over the Horse management  rulebook and Eventing rulebook on the pony club website.  

· Read over the most current newsletters for Horse Management and Eventing. · Copies of these rulebooks and newsletters will be a part of the required equipment in  each of the teams’ tack rooms at EBTH.

Team Information: 

· 3-4 unrated to D3 certified “riders” plus a stable manager (typically a D3), who will be  advised by a C level coach 

· If a club cannot form a complete team, competitors will be placed together to form a  scramble team.  

· Riders need to have access to a stick horse (may be shared) 

· Each team will be provided with a “tack room” and “pony paddock” where their stick  horses can rest between rides. Tack room and pony paddock will be in the same area.  


Attire guidelines for Unrated and D-Level Pony Club members are found in Chapter 4 of the  2023 Horse Management Rulebook on p.12-15. Unmounted attire (p. 13) 

• Rider in safe, neat and clean attire. • Hair must be neatly secured away from the eyes. Although not  required, hairnets, Show bows or braids are permitted. • Collared shirt with sleeves (e.g. polo style shirt,  turtleneck, dress shirt or ratcatcher) shirt tucked in. • Breeches, jodhpurs (with garters and/or pant  clips) or riding pants, belt (if belt loops). • Tall boots or paddock boots with or without half chaps. • Pony  Club pin, USPC or USEA medical armband or bracelet. • Medical armband cannot be worn on the leg. •  Properly fitted equestrian helmet, securely fastened and meeting USPC Helmet Policy (Article 15.1).  


Dressage tests will be ridden in a 10m x 20m arena. The rider will use their stick horse.  

Link to the 2023 USDF Intro Test A (Walk/Trot) – use this for UR and D1 members: https://www.usdf.org/docs/showflash/web/tests/2023/2023%20Intro%20A.pdf?t=2/4/2023%2 02:27:29%20PM 

Link to the 2023 USDF Intro Test B (Walk/Trot) – use this for D2 members: https://www.usdf.org/docs/showflash/web/tests/2023/2023%20Intro%20B.pdf?t=2/4/2023%2 02:27:29%20PM 

Link to the 2023 USDF Intro Test C (Walk/Trot/Canter) – use this for D3 members:  https://www.usdf.org/docs/showflash/web/tests/2023/2023%20Intro%20C.pdf?t=2/4/2023%2 02:27:29%20PM


Riders will complete a course of eight jumps, without their stick horse. They will be asked a D Level Horse Management question on entering the arena and at four of the jumps. Incorrect  answers will score 4 jump faults (maximum of 20 possible jump faults on HM knowledge). Jump  faults will also be earned for knocking down fences! 


Scores will be based on your Dressage Test, Show Jumping score, and Horse Management  scores (which include Turnout Inspection and Required Equipment/Tack Room Set-up).  


This rally is for unrated and all D-level members. All teams are required to bring a C-Level  coach. EBTH is meant to be a learning experience, so C-Level coaches are allowed to advise  stable managers and riders as they set up their tack room and prepare for their rides. They may  also call dressage tests. In a regular mounted rally, this kind of help would count as  “unauthorized assistance”, but it is appropriate for EBTH. C-Level coaches are not charged a  rally participation fee. They must wear their medical armbands and be appropriately attired for  a rally situation, bearing in mind that they are role-models for younger members. 

Any questions, please contact us by email: 

Bess Pieracci-brucette123@aol.com 

Mail Registration Packets and checks to: 

Bess Pieracci 

10237 Reese Circle 

Salinas, CA 93907 

Make checks payable to: Golden Hills Pony Club


Team registration packets are due on March 11, 2023 

For each team, please provide: 

1) Team Designation Form – one per team 

2) EBTH Individual Registration Forms for all competitors, including C-Level Coaches – one per  person 

3) The Acres release liability release form for all competitors and coaches-one per person. Form  can be found at: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/v/SouthBayHorseRanch/ 

4) Chaperone Rules/Duties Form – one per team - will be found at  

https://www.ponyclub.org/ContentDocs/Activities/Rulebooks/2023/2023%20Eventing%20Rule book%20FINAL%20WEB.pdf on pages 40 & 41 

5) Club check made payable to Golden Hills Pony Club covering all fees due for all competitors one per club 

If your club cannot form a complete team, please indicate this on the Team Designation Form  and the organizers will put your members with competitors from other clubs to form scramble  teams. 


Information for individual competitors: 

Registrations for the rally should be submitted by the DC or club rally coordinator in teams.  Please confirm with your club DC when individual forms and payments are due to be submitted  to them. For each competitor, please complete and return the following to your DC or rally  coordinator by their designated due date (NOTE: This will be before March 11th!)  

1) EBTH Individual Registration Form – one per person including C-Level coaches 2) Your check or payment made payable to your own Pony Club, so that your club can write a  single check for the team to register for the rally– one per person (Stable Managers & C-Level  coaches = no charge) 

LUNCH: Pre-orders for lunch will be taken, which will include a sandwich, with chips, and a  bottle of water. Competitors and coaches are welcome to bring their own food. 

2023 Everything But the Horse Rally 

Team Registration Form 

Pony Club: ______________________________________________________________ Entry Submitted by:  

Competitor 1 Name:____________________________________________________________ Competitor 2 Name:____________________________________________________________ Competitor 3 Name:____________________________________________________________ Competitor 4 Name:____________________________________________________________ 

Stable Manager Name:___________________________________________________________ C-Level Coach Name:____________________________________________________________ 

Chaperone Name: Phone Number:  Club Check Amount: $ 

2023 Everything But the Horse Rally 

Individual Registration Form 

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Pony Club: ______________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________Telephone: ____________________ 

USPC Participation Age: (age on 1/1/2023): ___________Date of Birth: ____ Current HM Certification: ____________ Current Riding Certification: _______________ 

Are you attending EBTH as a C-Level Coach? Yes/No 

Have you participated in a mounted rally before? Yes/No 

Have you participated as a rider or stable manager in a rally before? Yes/No/Both  

Emergency Contact: 

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Relationship: _____________________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________Cell: _________________________ 

Parent/Adult Volunteers 

If you are willing to work a portion of this rally that would be greatly appreciated! We  will contact you and explain your duties in advance (e.g ring steward, scoring, judge, etc) Name: __________________________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________ Cell: ________________________ 

Lunch included for competitors  

 Ham Turkey Veggie Gluten free 

All lunches will include a bag of chips and a bottle of water 

Extra lunches $8.00 

 Entry Fees 

Team Member (“Rider”) $45.00 

Stable Manager/C Level Coach no entry fee 

Entry Fee: $_______________ 

Lunch Fee: $_______________ 

Total Rally Fee: $_______________