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D Camp

When: Friday, July 19, 2019 to Sunday, July 21, 2019

Graham Hill Show Grounds
1145 Graham Hill Rd
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Description:  D Camp is a fun and educational experience designed for newer Pony Clubbers, D1-D3. Mounted and unmounted campers are welcome! Throughout the weekend the mounted participants will receive mounted lessons as well as unmounted horse management lessons. The unmounted participants will receive unmounted lessons regarding riding topics as well as horse management topics. Horse Management is throughout the weekend with the goal of teaching new members about the Horse Management portion of a Rally and keeping the participants safe and happy. Optional rides and activities will take place Saturday and Sunday afternoons. D1-D3 Certifications are available prior to official rally start time. Requests for taking multiple certifications will try to be accommodated, but the number of candidates will dictate whether those requests can be met.

C-Helpers & Big Sisters/Brothers: Experienced help is needed to ensure the safety and proper handling of the junior members. As older, higher certified members you provide a preview of what the young members can become through Pony Club. For many of these junior members, this is their first experience being away from their barn with their ponies. Come camp and have fun with us and help provide a meaningful experience that will be remembered for years to come. Older members will help assistance to the younger members and assist in unmounted instruction.

Registration: Opens June 1st, closes on July 10th.


Mounted: Includes lessons Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and all optional rides. Includes stabling + 2 bags of shavings, does not include meals - $245

Unmounted: No horse does not include meals: - $100

Friday Certifications: $15 per section (i.e. D3 HM)

Non-D-Camp Horses - Includes stabling + 2 bags of shavings - $100

Upper-Level Members: C and above certified members are essential for providing a role model for the younger members, assisting in the unmounted instruction, and providing overall assistance to the younger members. If you would like to bring your horse and ride during free time you are welcome.

Parent/Guardian Horses: If you would like to bring your horse and ride during free time you are welcome as long as it does not disturb the junior campers and their horses. Adults are expected to follow the same Pony Club guidelines in caring for their horses as junior members.

Additional Shavings: $10/bag must be purchased ahead of time. No extras will be provided on site for purchase. 

Meals: Friday Dinner – Sunday Lunch. $48/person for the entire weekend. Individual meals can be purchased on-site for $10/person per meal pending quantity left after the full weekenders have eaten.

Make the check to SCCPC  

Mail to

Nichole Fisher,  

395 Del Monte Ctr. #164,

Monterey CA 93940.

Registration form

registration information 

Nichole Fisher
(831) 239-3067

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